With April well underway we look at how the new players are getting on as well as the players that are into their second month. 

For myself as a coach it was fantastic to have a mix of old and new; the new players actively showing the ropes and taking leadership roles upon themselves. Combine that with the energy of excitement that comes naturally when a person is put into a new situation, it has been a great recipe for good team dynamics. 

The month began with a game against Swedish side Hasslöv IS. The game was won 2-1, the result however only tells half the story, as we created chance after chance particularly in the 2nd half with the oppositions ageing goalkeeper pulling off numerous saves. These were fantastic learning moments for the video analyses session the following morning. 

We continued with our monthly yoyo test and weigh-in, it was fantastic to see the improvements in the players, 1 player in particular lost up to 15% body fat from the previous month, great testament to his hard work and the results are positively showing in his game play. 

Listen to his interview:


The next game was played against English side Bury Town FC's youth team (The Football College). In a thrilling game where the opposition were 2-0 up at half time, we battled back and dominated the 2nd half to tie the game 2-2, a real 'game of two halves'. The equaliser is one of the best strikes you will see this year, you can catch it here, you won't be disappointed!  

As well as games against local Spanish sides, the boys also had the luxury of having 2 Skype calls, the first one was with Werder Bremen scout Jannis Fischer; he discussed the daily life of a professional player and the 2nd call with the Performance coach for the Chinese Olympic team Matt Jones. Matt answered many questions that the players had, particularly on the best methods for recovery and how to improve the physical part of their game. 

To conclude an excellent month, we already have our first offer for one of our players, as well as having 5 others on trial! 

"There is plenty of space at the top, but nowhere to sit down."